Food waste recycling services across the UK

With over 3 million tonnes of the UK’s food waste being produced by food manufacturing, hospitality and retail sectors, improving rates of food recycling is high on our priority list.

The UK Government is increasingly interested in encouraging businesses to recycle their food waste, so putting it in place now will help to set your organization up for a more sustainable future.

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How it works

  • Food waste is dense and heavy, and we generally collect it in 120L, 240L wheelie bins or enclosed skips
  • At the recycling plant, micro-organisms break down the food through the process of anaerobic digestion
  • This process creates a nutrient-rich fertiliser and methane gas which can be converted to generate electricity, heat or fuel for transport

How much could you save?

At Waste Source, we help you spend less by recycling more. Use our quick calculator to see how much cheaper your commercial waste management, collection, recycling and disposal could be.

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Our accreditations & certificates

We are members of The Chartered Institute of Waste Management. All of our suppliers are fully accredited too.

At Waste Source, we are proud of our high environmental, health and safety and quality standards, and you can view our certificates and accreditations here.

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