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Since beginning in 2003 JB Global grew rapidly and by 2006 had already become Ebay UK’s largest retailer by turnover. Shortly after they launched three new brands: OFL Home, The Online Furniture Shop and, their flagship brand, Oak Furniture Land. In 2010, not only were they recognised as one of the nation’s fastest-growing independent retailers, they also began to open their first Oak Furniture Land stores.

Waste Source has been closely supporting the Oak Furniture Land team as they rapidly expand their store network across the UK. Not only have we leveraged our national network of waste carriers to maximise recycling and cost effectiveness of each shop fit but we have put in place a consistent and centralised waste collection service. To date Waste Source has helped with the opening of over 110 stores with even more planned in 2019.

Key Points

  • Over 100 locations nationwide
  • Bulk recycling for shop fitting
  • Centralised support and ordering
  • Weekly schedule reminder emails
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