"Having just one contact point for waste makes my life much simpler."

Daisy Walker – Retail Operations Co-ordinator

Customer since May 2016

Neptune is a high-end interior design retailer specialising in beautiful furniture, kitchens, upholstery and all the little things that help to give a home soul. They combine traditional craft with modern-day making, where they have the expertise to make something themselves, they do in Wiltshire and their own production houses in China . Neptune work in partnership with specialist crafts for anything they aren’t yet skilled in.

They are always wanting to improve the customer experience, they pride themselves on design, quality and value making them a multinational business.

We approached Neptune directly and won the contract to look after a new site in Farnham in May 2016. The flexibility of our ‘no fixed term contract’ appealed to the Neptune team, who had found themselves tied to poorly performing contractors in the past. We were a natural fit when they opened a store in our hometown of Bristol later that year.

From 2017 we began consolidating older sites and designing waste solutions for new ones.

Neptune’s design centres are pristine, attractive places that are designed to feel like homes rather than shops, so they need waste systems that reflect that. A wheelie bin or two in the carpark isn’t exactly going to cut it.

Key Points

  • 10 sites across the South West, England
  • One simple fixed pricing model
  • High recycling rate
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