We collect all types of waste wood including off-cuts, defective timber, pallets, chipboard, floorboards and basically all the wood which normally ends up in your general waste or a skip.

How is it collected?

Wood collections are most likely to be done as one off's in either a skip, RORO container or where available, via a wait and load service.

Where does it go?

Wood recycling process and usage is dependent on the original state of the wood. Solid pieces of wood or 'clean' wood is chipped and can then be manufactured into MDF or chip board. Manufactured or 'dirty' wood is not reusable in this way, however can be turned into mulch or sawdust for animal bedding or landscaping.

How much does it cost?

In the majority of cases it makes sense to segregate wood from other waste streams as it makes disposal cheaper. Generally waste wood is categorised into two standards. "Dirty" meaning the wood will be presented with potential contamination such as nails, screws or paint and "Clean" where no such contamination should occur. The later is cheaper to dispose of.