From UPVC components through to drinks containers and furniture, we will recycle your plastic waste in the most cost effective and environmentally sound way.

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How is it collected?

Depending on the volume of plastic your business creates, plastic can be collected in different forms. Small volumes can be bundled and left on the street or deposited in a wheelie bin. Medium sized volumes might be collected into several wheelie bins or an FEL. Larger volumes usually employ a compactor to crush the plastic down inside a container or a dedicated baler can be installed on site to crush the plastic into manageable bales. These bales would then be loaded onto a lorry.

Where does it go?

Plastics are the most complicated item to recycle due to the complex way they are made, and the variety of plastics used in the UK. Plastic recycling plants take all forms of plastics and usually recycle them into other items. Plastics are sorted by their resin type prior to recycling and then shredded at the recycling plant. These shredded fragments then undergo processes to eliminate impurities like paper labels. This material is melted and often extruded into the form of pellets which are then used to manufacture other products.

How much does it cost?

Some plastic recycling can make money for business, while on a smaller scale it will simply help reduce your landfill tax. Each plastic recycling project is priced individually dependent on the business type, material and market prices.