Dry Mixed Recycling

Dry recyclables is the modern description of waste that is free from contaminants such as construction, food or garden waste. Leaving clean materials such as paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, drinks cans and glass bottles to be sorted and recycled. All sorted materials will be sent to approved re-processors in the UK for recycling into fresh new and recycled products.

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How is it collected?

Mixed Recycling is common throughout the UK and collections are available in all manner of containers. For small collections all of the regular wheelie bins sizes are available 240L, 360L, 660L and 1100L. For medium sized businesses who generate decent volumes regularily 6yrd or 8yrd FEL's can be used. For industrial volumes compactors tend to come in to play allowing a reduction in haulage. 

Where does it go?

Once its been collected Mixed Recycling is taken to a MRF where it is separated, either by hand or by machine. Each stream is then independently taken for recycling.

How much does it cost?

Due to the value, and weight of the contents of a Dry Mixed Recycling collection and the ever increasing Landfill Tax you can expect costs to be 20% - 50% lower than that of a respective sized general waste collection. When combined with a decent internal segregation system serious annual savings can be made.