"My life is much simpler having Waste Source on board"

Will Brown – Head of Projects and Maintenance

Customer since October 2012

BrewDog is at the forefront of the craft beer revolution.

In 2007, in a garage near Aberdeen, two amateur brewers set about making a modern beer that actually tasted of something. Today, it’s a trailblazing global company employing 750 people (and a dog).

Along the way, BrewDog have opened 46 bars of their own from Aberdeen to São Paulo, Camden Town to Helsinki.

When BrewDog opened their Bristol bar in 2012 we struck up a conversation with the manager about helping them with waste collection and disposal. Waste Source built up a reputation within BrewDog for great customer service and value for money. We’ve been helping on new sites and consolidating old ones ever since and now work with 22 BrewDog bars right across the UK.

BrewDog bars are located in bustling urban centres so it’s essential waste management is efficient, reliable and flexible enough to accommodate fluctuating volumes.

Key Points

  • 28 sites from Aberdeen to Brighton
  • One simple fixed pricing model
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