Behind the Scenes

As a business we think its only fair that we live up to the same environmental standards we help our clients to live up to. Here's a couple of things we do that you might like to know about;

No Paper

Ok so we do use some here and there but predominantly we are a no paper office. All of our internal processes are managed digitally and printing is kept to a minimum. Any paper we do use is recycled along with our cardboard, plastics and food.

Our Recycled Office

Even our office is recycled! We are based in the renovated old H.Wills Tobacco Factory building in Southville, Bristol. The building was redeveloped by Bristol pioneer and general forward thinking businessman George Ferguson and we're proud to be based with some of the most exciting businesses in Bristol in the offices above the theatre. 

Cycle Scheme

The national cycle scheme program allows employers to offer their staff significantly cheaper deals on new bikes if they use them to commute to work. Waste Source signed up to the program in 2011 and now has multiple staff members enrolled.

Carbon Neutral Hosting

As a business we rely heavily on our IT infrastructure for both this website and our internal management systems. All of our hosting is provided and managed by Memset® who were the UK's first Carbon Neutral® Web host.